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To the Ardent Atheist: In Defense of Astrology & Tarot

I’m a part of a lot of Facebook groups.

They are generally chaos. Especially the political ones.

On one of these political, anti-Trump groups I’m in, a mod(erator) posted to say that bashing astrology is not allowed on the basis that its a valid spiritual belief, and to bash it is just Cruel.

I agree.

So I smash the heart react, scroll down to post “Thank you for this!” and see a slew of comments to the effect of, “Are you fucking serious?” “This is how Trump got elected. Anti-science bullshit.”

Whoa buddy.

me, disheveled cognitively in response to this madness

I and others mention the role that astrology plays in some people’s coping with the chaos that our world is–especially one in which djt is the president of the us.

Someone responds to this assertion, saying that we should instead read some Camus and accept and/or blame the absurdity of the universe for its lack of meaning, and then find actual scientific solutions to real world scientific problems like climate change.

OK–you can practice astrology and spirituality and still endorse science, still be a scientist, still ground your decision-making and voting and politics in science.

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Thoughts on Transitions, on Limbo, on the In-Between

It is Wednesday, which is the arbitrary turning point that, for those of us who work a 9-5 job, marks the moment where the dreaded beginning of the week crosses into the highly anticipated end of the week–paving the way for the always relieving weekend.

Wednesday is, in its own tiny way, a transition.

And here I am, on a Wednesday, exactly one week away from moving into a new apartment. Waiting with bated breath for a job decision that is one month overdue, but is supposedly being sent out this afternoon. Sorting through conflict in my relationships. Sorting through conflict in myself.

I am in limbo; I am in the in-between.

And, really, I’ve been here for months.

Conflict in my friendships were hitting their boiling point months ago, in ways that I could see, and in even more ways that I was unaware of. On the same token, my housing situation was on the cusp of falling apart, and all I really wanted to do was live with my partner and begin our lives as a Real Official Duo. My job has been sucking the soul out of me for months. My mental health has been deteriorating since the early fall.

And in the midst of all of this decay, something clicked in me.

I had left work in tears–who knows if it was work-related or just me finally letting something else hit my nervous system–and ambled sadly but briskly to my car. I climbed in, and I continued crying. I didn’t want to stop, I just wanted to let the emotions move through me. I flipped down the mirror and looked myself straight in the red, wet eyeballs and croaked out,

“I don’t want to hate myself anymore.” 



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Clarifying ideas on witchery, a blog post

Once I went to a medium, because that’s the sort of thing I do, and she connected to my deceased friend who kept telling the medium to tell me that I’m a witch. The medium admitted this to me bashfully at first, then dove headfirst into defensiveness saying, “Her words, not mine, take it for what you will, I’m not sure.”

I guffawed and lit up, feeling affirmed and also amused at the bizarre stigma of “witch”, especially coming from someone who is literally talking to dead people.

You’re a witch too, lady, like it or not. And it’s a thing to be celebrated!

I’m new to the world of witchery and I’m always unsure how much of it is like, me reclaiming something feminist that has been used to burn and oppress women of yore, or me practicing my long-hidden but deeply-felt spirituality, or me on the !~cutting edge~! of cultural (white) urban outfitters feminism. Like, I don’t know pagan history, I don’t know anything about Wicca, so me calling myself a witch is actually probably fucked up somewhere along the line.

But, also, although I don’t practice an organized, studied witchery, I am always engaging in magick. I don’t use spells, but I have quiet, private inner rituals and prayers that come before sleep and before reading tarot or giving Reiki.

I use my witchery to intuit my way through life. I use it to heal the people around me. To me, being a witch means healing. It mean’s knowing. It means wisdom. It means seeking justice. It means power.