Here’s a truly ridiculous photo of me that I took when I tried to do online tarot readings for $ on a popular website. It is so delightfully awkward that I can’t not share it.

I’m a 23-year-old person sitting around yelling about everything, but most days doing only about 30% of what I could be doing to change it. All in due time, one day I’ll get to 40%.

I work in higher education but I’d like to not do that, probably, and somehow Strike Gold, retire at 25 by the ocean, and write a lot of books.

I am an avid fan of many things, including pressure cookers, the German cultural habit of not drinking tap water but always having very large bottles of spring water on hand even in the home, Indian cuisine, intuiting my way through recipes and making them better than they are written, petting my cat, watching my partner Jack play Zelda, and a number of TV shows.

I’m here to blog about mainly mental health, spirituality, feminism, writing, our dystopian present & future, and then probably more mental health.

Check out my YouTube about healing depersonalization and derealization.

If you’re looking for tarot readings I’m your person.

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